mayor of ny

By sufragista - janeiro 14, 2010

- But you know what's the most wonderful thing about New York?
- What?
- Is where everyone comes to get fucked. Oh really! Is one of the last places where people are still willing to bend over to let in the new, and you. New Yorkers are permeable, you know what that mean?
- Yeah.
- Yes you are. Therefore we're sain. Consequently we're the target of the impermeable and the insane.
- Yeah…
- And, of course, New York is the place where everyone comes to be forgiven. What have you done wrong? Tell me, how have you sinned? I'm shure is nothing serious.
- How would you know?
- Well, I'm shure you did your best. But imagine: if you grew up here, like I did… Home can be very unforgiving. It's true. People said I didn't do enough to help prevent the AIDS crisis because… I was in the closet. That's not true. I did the best I could. I was, I was scared and impermeable. Everybody knew so little then. I know even less know.

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